2018-2019 Executive Council Candidates


We are very excited to announce all of the candidates for this year’s Executive Council Election!

These fine students are all running to become your next leaders. Read through their profiles, watch their speeches and make sure you are informed on voting days (March 14 & 15). Voting instructions will be sent to your SAIT email.


Candidates 2018a-2Jesse Corbel

Click here to watch Jesse's election speech
Hello everybody! My name is Jesse Corbel and I want to represent you as your SAITSA President!

I'm an IT student who has cultivated a passion for helping people with every chance I get. I've been a dedicated leader amongst leaders and I'm going to keep working tirelessly for you. And although I'm set to graduate this year, I'm not done here yet! From the trades to diplomas to degree programs, I want to represent each of you and address the challenges facing all of us.

Find me on campus, and let's talk about what I can do for you!
Candidates 2018aMitch Holt

Click here to watch Mitch's election speech
Hi SAIT students! I want to ensure that you feel valued and part of a greater community while attending post-secondary. The two key points that I would like to focus on are: Ensuring that SAITSA follows best practices in regards to the governance of the organization. This will flow outwards, from strategic thought towards operations and effect how your SAIT experience will be; and continuity in regards to having a community that thrives during and after your time at SAIT. I'm a driven individual who has always put others before myself. Thank you and remember to Vote Mitch March 14&15.
Candidates 2018-4Chelsea Kemp

Click here to watch Chelsea’s election speech
I am running for president of SAITSA. Since 2016 I've written for The Weal and have had the chance to interview Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Counselor Druh Farrell, Minister of Advanced Education Marlin Schmidt along with members of the SAIT and SAITSA community. I've know what matters to SAIT students, and how these concerns can be actively addressed. As president I will focus on the potential smoking ban at SAIT, marijuana on campus, affordable tuition, and better accountability at SAIT and SAITSA. Let me know what you would like to see and email me at [email protected]. Vote Chelsea Kemp for President.
Candidates 2018-2 copyAlysson Torres-Gillett

Click here to watch Alysson’s election speech
Hello, I am Alysson!
After a year as VP Academic, I am running to be your next President. I am hard working, experienced and passionate about bettering your student experience.
• 3 years BOD
• 2 years Academic Council
• 1 year SAITSA Executive
• open communication and transparency
• increased study space
• affordability
• increased student feedback
• quicker curriculum updates
• instructor accountability
• U-pass negotiations
• more employment and networking opportunities
I am asking for your vote so I can to continue to do what I am passionate about while leading SAITSA into the future.
Vote Alysson Torres-Gillett
The best President Students can get!
Candidates 2018 copyAlejandro Valiente

Click here to watch Alejandro’s election speech
Alejandro Valiente is a Civil Engineer and MBA, actually enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering, with 10 years’ experience in a world class cement plant, where he held various positions in mine planning, mining operations, project management and structural design. He is a professional with diversified skills, including customer satisfaction, budgeting, cost control, quality control, fleet management, labour management and project management. He has a recognized leadership in workplace safety and environmental sustainability. Also, he volunteered for Habitat for Humanity projects in El Salvador. In the upcoming 2018 SAITSA Elections, vote Alejandro for President!
Candidates 2018-6Ninar Chaachouh

Click here to watch Ninar’s election speech
Greetings Friends!
My name is Ninar Chaachouh, and I am delighted to be running for Vice-President External, as advocacy is a passion of mine. I plan to utilize my three years of student experience to represent SAIT students to the best of my ability. My goals are: Equal representation | Executive Council Engagement | Stronger sense of community | Inclusion | Opportunities | Partnerships. I encourage you all to vote for the candidates who you feel will best represent you; I hope I am that person! Check out ninarchaachouh.com for more and remember folks, be yourself and rock it.
Candidates 2018-3 copyGarrett Koehler

Click here to watch Garrett’s election speech
The change we need and the voice we deserve.
VP External role:
· SAIT Student representative for all forms of Government.
· Keep up to date on external issues affecting students, illicit change where needed.
· Build external advocacy initiatives on behalf of SAIT students/SAITSA.
VP External objectives:
· Freeze international student tuition.
· Pressure NDP government for promised technology grant funding.
· Lobby for longer, no interest free grace periods after graduation.
· Lobby for Federal school funding not just provincial.
· Find more prospective employers for job placements.
Students need to be heard; I’ve got a loud voice
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.44.50 PMDani Maurice

Click here to watch Dani’s election speech
I am a BBA marketing student with a background in student leadership. In my hometown, Cochrane AB, I served as a public at large member on town council. This experience has prepared me to run for the role of VP External with SAITSA. I am determined to increase the grad employment rate with student networking opportunities and more industry exposure. I am also advocating to reduce student debt by providing more financial aid, and enhance communication between the Executive Council and the student body. Check out my Instagram page @checkyourDM_2k18 to follow my campaign. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR DM!
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.35.38 PMDixie Le Vesconte

Click here to watch Dixie’s election speech
I am excited for this opportunity to represent you as VP Academic. My goal is to improve the academic experience for all students and ensure off-campus students are not neglected. I am passionate about education, and I believe that together we can achieve the best learning experience possible.
Some areas where I believe change can occur:
• Develop a program focusing on mentor/mentee relationships between industry and students.
• Increase awareness of programs and support networks available to students.
• Improved transition into full time programs for foreign students, with focused ongoing support.

I look forward to “Going the Distance for SAIT Students”!
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.24.52 PMCletus Oguogho

Click here to watch Cletus’ election speech
It is a new dawn! After carefully listening to many students at SAIT, we discovered some common concerns among students of the different disciplines. I would be running on three points agenda, which affects the majority of SAIT students on this matter during the campaign. Haven served as student representative in both my undergraduate and post graduate education, I understand the amount of work required in conflict resolution and as such I have activated the energy to achieve a fair deal for the students. Our Academic and non-academic experience at SAIT could be better. Here I am send me!
Candidates 2018-2Tanya Pittis

Click here to watch Tanya’s election speech
My number one priority is to improve your student experience, academically and non-academically. For example, throughout my four years at SAIT, so many of my peers haven’t had much say on academic programming, how financials are utilized, and course/skill transferability. As your internal advocate I would like to improve mental health initiatives, foster and grow entrepreneurial avenues at SAIT, create quality money, and form more flexible ways to ensure student courses/skills are relevant, accessible, and transferrable. The opportunities for improvement are there, and it all starts with your vote. I can’t do this alone. But, together we can.
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.54.36 PMAkhil Sharma

Click here to watch Akhil’s election speech
Hi SAIT Fams! I am Akhil, a second year AT student. I have been actively involved with SAITSA as a Board of Director and with ATSA as a Co- president. I was recently honored with Presidents medal from Dr. David Ross.

I love volunteering and helping people in any capacity I can. So, my goals are derived from your wishes. If elected, I would like to lobby for international student's fee, avail more student’s development funds and create an inclusive campus with increased recognition for apprentice students and satellite campuses. 

Please visit www.voteakhilsharma.com for more info about my campaign.
Candidates 2018-7Ashley Speirs

Click here to watch Ashley's election speech
Hello, I am Ashley Speirs and I’m a second year journalism student. A student getting the most out of their time at SAIT can be complicated. I want to help students with that. All students should know about the grants and awards they can take advantage of, their rights as students. Most importantly students should know they have someone who will listen to their concerns. This is how students can get the most of out their education and by voting for me your voting for someone who will look out for you.
Candidates 2018-3Jess Beddow

Click here to watch Jess' election speech
Vote Yes for Jess! Are you getting the most out of your student experience? I’m here to make it even better! Aiming to improve a sense of community at Sait and provide more opportunities for students, I will continue to work on improving student awareness, increasing inclusion and engagement and elevating the overall SAIT student experience. I will work toward establishing SAIT tradition’s and aspire to provide more support for students including apprentices. Let your voice be heard, Vote YES FOR JESS for VP Student Life!!! (www.jessbeddow.com)
Candidates 2018a-3Bekah Callaghan

Click here to watch Bekah's election speech
I believe you are amazing!
I’m Bekah, campaigning for the role of VP Student Life. My goal is to make student life better! I hope to develop a “community” feeling on campus: I believe that everyone should feel included and important! I will promote mental health and awareness: I believe that students mental health must be taken seriously. I will lobby for more club funding: I believe that clubs change your SAIT experience. I will work to better our recycling programs: I believe that the environment is important. I will not make you empty promises: I will work for you.
Candidates 2018a-4Donny Nichols

Click here to watch Donny's election speech
Hello! My name is Donny and I'm running for the position of VP Student Life. I look forward to bringing the student experience to the forefront of SAITSAs attention. My goals include; Creating leadership opportunities through both BOD elections and clubs, Fostering social responsibility through a "see it say it" campaign, Hosting international student events and Student health and wellness initiatives.  As well as all of this I would like to continue the goals of our outgoing VPSL, up to and including establishing SAITSAs first "Campus Activities Board". Remember, a vote for DONNY is a vote for YOU!