2017-2018 Executive Council Candidates


We are very excited to announce all of the candidates for this year’s Executive Council Election!

These fine students are all running to become your next leaders. Read through their biographies, watch their speeches and make sure you are informed on voting days (March 29 & 30).

DSC_0293Alex DimopoulosHello, I am Alex Dimopoulos. I am a 3rd year BBA student majoring in Supply Chain Management. I am currently your Vice President Academic and am asking you make me your president. As President, I will protect international student rights while also caring about domestic students. As President, I will represent you within these walls and the community to make sure your voice is heard. As President, I will take challenges head on and make SAIT a great place to study. This is how I see SAIT now, and in the next 100 years. On March 29/30, Vote Alex Dimopoulos.

Click here to watch Alex's election speech
DSC_0313Felipe SotoI am the perfect candidate as a President for SAITSA. "I'm a passionate student”. I’m a Political Science graduate and I'm currently in my second year of BA program majoring in Supply Chain Management. I have been working with SAITSA for the last 4 years in different areas, The Gateway, The Weal, The Station Market and also a member of the Legislative Council. I would be opening a YouTube account channel that I believe would be a great way to be connected and get closer to the students.

VOTE for me Felipe Soto, Get Connected!!

Click here to watch Felipe's election speech
DSC_0403Daniel CaineHello, good morning, happy day. If elected for VP External I will be responsible for most of the executive work as far as talking with industry representatives and politicians is concerned. My success will depend on their thoughts to a large extent, but I will try my best to represent your interests to them.
Here are a few things I would like to get accomplished:
Fireside Chats
Executive Question period for students
Extra-curricular transcript
Student Building (Approved already, but new swing anyone?)
Allow for investing SAITSA savings

My Interests:
History, politics, reading, writing, and listening to my records and cassettes.

Click here to watch Daniel's election speech
DebDeborah MebudeHi! I’m Deborah and I'm running to be your VP External. 
Heralding from the Journalism program, I have plans to make sure your needs are clearly heard and brought before your elected officials.
As the previous Lifestyle editor at The Weal, I understand the issues that concern student’s livelihoods, and when it is necessary, I will not shy away from asking the tough questions that pertain to your life. 
If elected, I will always operate with the utmost transparency. I look forward to consulting with you, advocating on your behalf and strengthening relationships both within SAIT and beyond.

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RachelRachel MoerschfelderSo no one told you SAIT was gonna be this way?
During my time at SAIT I have heard students from every program saying, “I can’t believe I’m paying for this.” This is not an issue I can ignore. If elected as VP External I will lobby to provide:
-Affordable Education
-Improved Job Prosperity
-Effective Communication
I want to see your money going to the right place. Students need to be put first at SAIT. Vote for me for VP External and I’ll be there for you.
View my full platform at rachelmoersch.com.
DSC_0261Anisa AbbasHello, my name is Anisa Abbas and I’m a BA student here at SAIT. I want to be your VP Academic because I believe it will let me employ my current competencies in an environment where I can help you make your time here at SAIT as memorable as mine has been. I’ll make sure to foster a comfortable and open environment for you to be able to express yourself to me without fear of being judged, and we will collaborate to find viable solutions for your concerns. To learn more, please visit my FB page: @AnisaforVPA

Click here to watch Anisa's election speech
DSC_0224Alysson Torres-GillettPlatform:
Advocate for an affordable student experience
Continue the work towards Open Educational Resources
Encourage instructors to utilize free resources in the classroom
Ensure instructor accountability
Fight against drastic fee and tuition increases
Lobby for grandfathered tuition rates
Promote student well-being
Push for curriculum updates

2 years SAITSA Board of directors
1 year SAIT Academic Council
1 year Jack.org Mental Health initiative

About Alysson:
Believes in free food
First year Business Student
Graduate from School of ICT
Determined to make a difference

More info at www.alyssontorres.com

Click here to watch Alysson's election speech
DSC_0007Sharon WongDon't vote wrong, Vote Wong!
DSC_0276Connor GoodfellowAfter losing some sleep and gaining some weight I’m back for Round 2. For the past year I’ve held the position of VP Student Life and it’s a challenging role. This time with a year of experience under my belt (plus my 2 years on the BOD) I have better direction than ever and a leaner, meaner platform to effectively help SAITSA grow and improve its student services. Clubs and student input on SAITSA events are my top priorities but for my full platform check out my website: connorgoodfellow.com. Next year is going to be BANANAS.

Click here to watch Connor's election speech
DSC_0270Wayne LinI will give you the food and caffeine that you deserve for free! I will make the SAITSA food bank and food box program more accessible to you. I will make campus events more interactive and fun, and provide support for clubs to MAKE YOUR STUDENT LIFE GREAT AGAIN! I promise to set up more microwaves around campus to make your life easier.
“FREE FOOD” and cheap accessible fresh produces.
Tired of boring campus and want more fun.
Don’t want to wait in line for a microwave.
Say “Yes” to Wayne for VP student Life, because why not?

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